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3M Flexible Abrasive 6" Hookit Disc Dust Free

Product ID: 3M-34407

Select Grit:
  • Offers high flexibility and conformability
  • Premium quality delivers uniform, consistent finishes every time
  • Reduced burn through when sanding thin coated surfaces
  • Wide range of grades for precision-perfect results
  • 3M™ Hookit™ attachment system provides easy reuse, optimizing disc life
  • Long-lasting abrasives reduce material consumption

3M™ Hookit™ Flexible Abrasive Disc 270J is precision coated with high quality minerals and resins to deliver longer-lasting performance for primer sanding, blend preparation and paint finishing. Our versatile discs provide excellent cut and finish performance with high flexibility, anti-loading technology, and conformability.

Quality Discs with the Ease of the Hookit™ Attachment System
Our high performing 3M™ Flexible Abrasive Disc 270J is available in a variety of grades for primer sanding, blending and paint finishing applications. Grades P400 and P600 are ideal for sanding surface primer, e-coat and clear coat surfaces. Grade P1000 works great for scuffing clear coat for blends and to remove dirt nibs/textures from refinish clear coat. For paint finishing, experts rely on grades P1200 and P1500 for sanding clear coat to remove dirt nibs and texture from surfaces. The reusable 3M Hookit attachment system allows automotive body technicians to use the entire life of the abrasive disc, resulting in less shop waste.

Recommended for Versatile Applications
The thin flexible backing allows for preparing a variety of surfaces while reducing the amount a user burns through the surface.

3M™ Flexible Abrasive Hookit™ Discs are designed to provide productivity in a variety of applications to help you get the job done faster and better.

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