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3M Lens & Hard Plastic Cleaner

Product ID: 3M-39017

  • Maintain like-new appearance for plastic vehicle lenses
  • Improve nighttime driving visibility
  • Removes fine scratches, stains, haze and minor yellowing from automotive plastic lenses
  • Save time and money - only a quarter-size drop cleans 1 to 2 sq. ft.
  • Can be applied by hand or by machine
  • Use with 3M™ Lens Polish & Protector for even better results

3M™ Lens and Hard Plastic Cleaner safely removes light yellowing or other minor imperfections from automotive plastics such as headlight or taillight lenses. This cleaner works on clear or colored plastic, and can be applied by hand or by machine for fast, effective results. It is ideal for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance as well as your visibility on the road.

Keep You and Your Vehicle Looking Sharp
It’s important to keep your vehicle’s headlights, taillights and other plastic lenses looking great, and it’s just as important that they keep your road visibility sharp day and night. 3M™ Lens and Hard Plastic Cleaner is fast, easy, and quality way to do both – an auto plastic cleaner to keep your vehicle's headlights and other plastic lenses bright and clear. Just wipe it on, work it in and wipe it off – this solution removes minor yellowing and light surface damage that can make your vehicle look dingy and also limit your visibility when driving at night. This headlight and taillight cleaner contains a very light abrasive that removes the haze, clouding and yellowing from plastic lenses. It can be applied either by hand or with a power tool, and works on clear or colored plastics. To enhance your vehicle’s appearance even more, finish with 3M™ Lens Polish & Protector PN 39010.

Easy to Apply by Hand or by Machine
3M's Lens and Hard Plastic Cleaner can be applied by hand or with a common power tool such as an electric buffer or household power drill and attachment. This makes it easier than ever to keep headlights and other plastic surfaces on your vehicles clear of scratches and other minor imperfections, maintaining like-new appearance.

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