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3M P.A.R.T.S. Stand

Product ID: 3M-02514

  • 16-gauge steel construction provides durability and long product life
  • Adjustable to 4 positions for optimal paint coverage
  • Tubular construction, rounded corners and pads protect panels from scratches and dings
  • Holds up to 200 lbs. in flat tabletop position to support a full range of parts and panels
  • Folds for easy, efficient storage

3M™ P.A.R.T.S is a durable stand that holds doors, bumpers or other auto body panels and parts for painting during the repair process. Made from tubular 16-gauge steel, this paint stand can hold panels up to 200 lbs. Rounded corners and pads at each end help prevent scratches and dents on panels. The stand easily adjusts into four positions for optimal paint coverage.

Making the Painting Process Easier
Our 3M™ P.A.R.T.S shop stand provides collision repair specialists a better, more efficient way to apply paint to a variety of auto body parts and panels. It is fully adjustable, and its 4 total positions – including a flat tabletop configuration – afford technicians the ability to paint a bumper or body panel in the same position it sits on a finished vehicle. This versatility also allows for complete and consistent paint coverage even in bumper pockets or on panels with grooves and concaves where paint may not easily reach.

Tough Enough for the Busiest Auto Body Shops
From its nearly vertical storage position, the 3M™ P.A.R.T.S holding rack can adjust to a flat tabletop configuration that supports up to 200 lbs. Durable 16-gauge steel construction stands up to the busiest days in the shop.

The Softer Side of Steel Construction
Yet the P.A.R.T.S. rack is also easy to have around. With a net weight of just 32 lbs. it can be easily carried and placed anywhere in or out of the shop. Its tubular components and rounded corners help prevent scratches or mars to metal and non-metal auto body panels. Pads at each end keep components slightly separate from the steel surfaces.

Specifically for Collision Repair
In every way, the 3M™ P.A.R.T.S. stand is built to help collision repair technicians work better, faster and more efficiently when painting auto body components. From its adjustable versatility to its simple yet durable construction, each attribute of P.A.R.T.S. has been developed for multiple-use operations.

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