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3M Perfect-It Paint Finishing Apron

Product ID: 3M-06059

  • Protects shop clothes and equipment from paint spray, dirt, dust and swarf
  • Durable, washable cloth construction delivers comfort and value
  • Double pouch pockets on front let you keep tools and other supplies handy
  • Carries large 3M logo and Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing System branding, building customer trust

Our 3M™ Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing Apron takes the spray, swarf, dust and dirt so your clothing and tools stay clean. This lightweight shop apron features thin but durable straps that make it comfortable to wear, plus sturdy, washable cloth construction that makes it reusable for added value. And the 3M logo puts the power of the 3M brand prominently behind you and your shop every day.

Added Value, Pride and Productivity
Among the daily dirt, grease, paint and grime that collision repair work can involve, our 3M™ Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing Apron takes the brunt instead of your valuable shop clothing and equipment. This durable cloth apron features lightweight neck and back straps for effortless comfort. Black-colored cloth construction stands up to the wear and tear of shop work. The apron is fully washable and reusable for added value. Double pouch-style pockets in front make it easy to store and access tools and equipment for added productivity during busy days.

This apron also prominently features the 3M logo as well as branding for our Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing System. This puts the power of a worldwide brand right on your shop floor: without saying a word, you can let your customers know that you are dedicated to the highest quality products and systems in collision repair.

3M Science. Applied to Life.™
Even in a simple shop apron, 3M demonstrates our commitment to applying science to the lives of collision repair professionals. Our Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing System is a powerful example, and an excellent message to send to your customers as well as your shop employees. Our Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing Apron shows your dedication to better value, better productivity – and the greatest pride in what you do.

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