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Griot's Micro Fiber Fast Cutting Pad

Product ID: GRT-10447

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The Microfiber FAST Finishing Pad's unique foam interface conforms to the surface of your car, increasing pad contact and ensuring you get a smooth, even finish. Its 10mm, plush nap microfiber removes moderate swirl marks and surface defects more effectively than foam pads for fast paint protection, depth, and clarity. Griot's Garage microfiber pads are made with the highest quality materials so you'll see superior results. These pads amplify the effectiveness of our entire line of BOSS™ creams for rapid removal of moderate to severe defects.

  • Amplifies the effectiveness of BOSS™ creams
  • Delivers high pad rotation speeds for maximum correction
  • Provides dynamic cutting action to eliminate severe defects
  • Produces an industry-leading finish quality
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