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Griot's Tire Detailing Kit

Product ID: GRT-11220

Tires can get incredibly dirty. The porous nature of rubber attracts oils, dirt, brake dust and grime. These are the best products to make your tires and rubber trim look brand new. Spray your tires with Rubber Cleaner, let it soak in for a minute or two followed by a good scrubbing. Once dry, apply Vinyl & Rubber Dressing to your tires, door seals and other rubber parts with the included Blue Detail Sponge. Kit includes 35 ounce Rubber Cleaner, 8 ounce Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, and a Blue Detail Sponge. This kit delivers all you'll need to clean and shine your tires to show-winning standards.

  • Make your old tires look like factory new issue
  • Kit contains the essentials you'll need to clean and details your tires
  • Also works on door seals and other rubber parts
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