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Malco CW-37 Premium Car & Truck Wash Concentrate 8 oz.

Product ID: MAL-105708


CW-37™ is a phosphate-free and biodegradable formula designed to remove dirt, road film and other common automotive soils quickly, easily and thoroughly in automatic, semi-automatic and hand car washes. It produces large quantities of hard-working suds which make it ideal for most cars, trucks and motorcycles. The high lubricity formula in CW-37 is designed to help prevent brush marks when using in foam brush applications. Will not remove wax.


Recommended dilution rate is 1:400. Add one ounce of CW-37 per three gallons of water. More or less concentrate may be necessary depending on water softness. Clean using a wash mitt or wash sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a chamois or clean, soft towel. For automatic wash systems, consult equipment manufacturer’s solution preparation recommendations to produce the desired solution concentration.


  • High-foaming formula clings to vehicle
  • Makes washing fast and easy
  • Highly concentrated
  • Low cost per use (1:400 dilution)
  • High lubricity
  • Helps prevent brush marks
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