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Malco Nano Care Banana Crème Wax 8 oz.

Product ID: MAL-197708


Nano Care® Banana Crème Wax is a fast and easy way to provide a deep gloss along with long-lasting environmental and UV protection to automotive, marine and industrial finishes. This unique formula combines nano-sized polishing agents and waxes, amino functional silicone's and dual functional UV absorbents into one formula for superior protection and ease of use.


Before applying, wash vehicle thoroughly with a quality Malco car wash to remove heavy accumulations of dirt and grime. Make sure surface is cool and dry prior to application. DO NOT APPLY IN THE SUN. SHAKE WELL before using. Apply Nano Care Banana Crème Wax to the surface using a soft cloth or wax applicator pad and spread wax to a thin, even film. Apply to one section at time or to the entire surface to be treated. Allow wax to dry to a light haze and polish off either by hand using a microfiber cloth or with a random orbital polisher.


  • Easy-on / easy-off application
  • Produces a deep, lustrous gloss
  • Uses nano-sized polishing agents and waxes for enhanced surface penetration
  • Superior durability and UV protection
  • Great banana scent
  • VOC compliant and water based

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