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Malco Showroom Shine Gallon

Product ID: MAL-110401


Showroom Shine™ is a premium vehicle surface enhancer. This easy-to-use product will remove dirt and fingerprints and leave an attractive shine on any nonporous painted surface. Showroom Shine also works extremely well as a lubricant for use with over-spray clays, clay alternatives and when buffing and polishing.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. To leave a deep, protective shine, simply spray Showroom Shine on dusty, smudged, smeared or fingerprinted surfaces and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. NOTE: Store product below 105°F.


  • Cleans and waxes painted surfaces, metal and glass
  • Removes dust, smears, and fingerprints to leave a bright shine
  • Restores “like-new” appearance
  • Lengthens time between washes
  • Viscous easy application
  • Use as a lubricant for over-sprays clays

Due to FAA regulations, this product may not be shipped by air and is restricted to UPS Ground within the 48 contiguous United States.

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