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Meguiar's #45 Boat RV Polish & Gloss Enhancer

Product ID: MEG-M4516

Preferred by boat and RV manufacturers worldwide, Meguiar's® Marine/RV High Gloss Polish contains rich polishing oils to feed the pores of the gel coat, producing a high gloss finish. What is the difference between polishing and waxing? A polish can be best described as a conditioner that restores valuable oils to feed and nourish the gel coat and fiberglass surface, which creates a brilliant high-gloss. Waxing protect the high gloss finish from environmental contaminants.

  • Contains rich polishing oils to feed and nourish gel coat and fiberglass surface
  • Formulated to restore optimal gloss on gel coat and fiberglass surfaces after cleaning and before applying a wax or sealant
  • Creates a brilliant, high gloss finish by restoring valuable oils that nourish the gel coat of boats and RV's
  • Especially effective on dark colors
  • Formulated to be effective by Hand or by Machine
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