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Meguiar's Bug Splatter Sponges

Product ID: MEG-G0200

Safely remove baked on bug splatter off virtually every exterior surface of your vehicle in minutes with Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges. Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges are double sided (foam/terry) sponges that remove bug residue without scratching or marring even the softest paint systems. Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges are individually packaged so you can keep a handful at home and a couple in your glove box for safe measure when you travel.

Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges work great for rinseless and waterless car washes! Simply rub the bug-infested area in a gentle, circular pattern and wipe away the bug remains. Removing bug splatter has never been quicker or easier thanks to Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges.

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