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Meguiar's G36516 Paint Protection 16 oz - DISCONTINUED!

Product ID: MEG-G36516

Meguiars Paint Protect is one year paint protection in a bottle! This innovative, pure synthetic protectant provides tenacious water beading that lasts up to one year or 50 car washes. Meguiars Paint Protect is arguably one of the easiest synthetic sealants to apply – simply wipe on and wipe off! Meguiars Paint Protect won’t stain or discolor plastic trim.

Meguiars Paint Protect is the perfect product for the person that wants to take the simple, fast approach to waxing their car. By creating a formula that doesn’t require any rubbing or buffing, Meguiars Paint Protect appeals to people that simply don’t have the time or interest in waxing their car on a monthly basis.

Meguiars Paint Protect features Meguiars latest Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. Water will bead up and roll right off your paint!

Meguiars Paint Protect works on paint, chrome, wheels, plastic, and metal!

Experience the easier side of car care and detailing with Meguiars Paint Protect.
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