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RUPES Nano Nylon Cup Brush

Product ID: RUP-9.BF3015

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RUPES iBrid Nylon Soft Cup Brush, designed specifically to work with both configurations of the RUPES iBrid Nano Polishers, will gently clean any surface you need it to. The soft bristles are perfect for use on carpet, interior upholstery, leather, and headliners, as well as exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim. RUPES iBrid Nylon Soft Cup Brush finally lets you deep clean the areas you could never each before.
The RUPES iBrid Nylon Soft Cup Brush is not originally included in the RUPES iBrid kits, but is the perfect bridge between the ultra-soft Horse Hair Cup Brush and the heavy-duty Nylon Hard Cup Brush.

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