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RUPES UHS EASY GLOSS Random Orbital One-Step Compound

Product ID: RUP-9.BFUHS150

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Designed specifically for ceramic clear coat systems, but compatible with virtually any paint type, UHS contains a unique blend of specialty abrasives to remove surface imperfections and leave behind a high gloss finish on even the hardest paint systems.

RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound is an easy-to-use multi-purpose polishing liquid that removes paint imperfections, up to P3000 grit marks on fresh paint, while creating a haze-free, high-gloss finish on most paint colors and types. RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound works well on fresh refinish, cured refinish, factory, and high-solid paint systems.

The polishing agents in UHS were originally designed to remove paint imperfections from Ultra-High Solid clear coats, giving UHS its’ name. However, UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound has proven to work on a wide variety of paint systems, making it a favorite for technicians working on many finish types. UHS Easy Gloss was engineered to work with the gray UHS foam polishing pad.

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