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Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating

Product ID: SON-236941

No special training or equipment needed! SONAX Ceramic Coating CC36 bonds to paint surface providing a glass-like finish, but flexible long term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals. Also provides protection to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, and street and industrial pollution. The surface gets super hydrophobic, acts as a dirt repellent and requires less maintenance effort due to Easy-to-Clean effect. Gives an incredible deep shine with impressive color intensity. When used in combination with SONAX Polymer Net Shield, protects lasts up to 3 years.

Product Attributes: 
Strengthens the resistance of the paint
Optimized gloss and color depth
Facilitates cleaning

Kit includes:
(1) Microfiber Cloth
(1) Sponge 
(1) Sponge
(1) Glove

Product Size:
75ml (2.54 FL OZ) 

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