Detailing Clay & Lubricants

Do I Need Clay Lubricant for Detailing Clay?

Vehicles are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, collecting contaminants that bond to the surface of the paint. These may include brake dust, rail dust, overspray and acid rain. These pollutants do not come off with car washes. A detailing clay bar or synthetic clay will remove contaminants without thinning the clear coat.

Here's the best way to determine if your car's paint needs clay: after you wash and dry with a microfiber wash mitt, feel the surface of the car with your hand inside a plastic bag. If the clean surface feels rough, it's time.

It's important that the clay glide easily so you will need a clay lube. Also called detailer spray or quick detailer, a spray bottle and microfiber towel is often included in a clay bar kits. Professional detailers have these in their car detailing arsenals at all times.

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