Microfiber Buffing Pads

When should I use microfiber buffing pads?

Several years ago, Meguiar’s introduced the DA Microfiber Correction System. This made cutting with a random orbital DA polisher much faster and easier than with foam pads. The concept behind hook and loop microfiber buffing pads for cars is very simple. The microfiber strands on the cutting, polishing and finishing pads is always the same. The thickness and density of the foam under the surface determines the aggressiveness of the pad. Microfiber cutting pads have thinner, denser foam, while final finishing pads are softer and thicker.

Vehicles with moderate to light swirls and scratches are perfect candidates for microfiber buffing pads and polishing systems. Other manufacturers have since developed their own microfiber buffing pads and polishing liquids. Griot's Garage and Buff and Shine each has a great collection of high quality buffing pads for your car care needs.

It is not advised to use a rotary polisher with microfiber polishing pads. Wool pads do not work well with liquids designed for microfiber paint correction.

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