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What Auto Glass Cleaner will Get Rid of Streaks?

Cleaning auto glass is one of the most frustrating parts of auto detailing. Car glass cleaners should be able to eliminate water spots and leave a streak-free finish, right? Even when using a high quality car window cleaner, premium glass windows can still end up with streaks and reduced visibility.

Sometimes a heavy duty glass cleaner or a foaming action aerosol will do the trick, but truly clear glass surfaces are often a function of the microfiber towels being used. Quality glass cleaners offer good cleansing, but towels that have been used with other products ruin that invisible look.

Best practice is to use lint-free microfiber towels with glass cleaner and only glass cleaner. Do not introduce other products onto the towel. These may include wax, degreaser or dressing. Even washing them together in the same washing machine will leave residue on the window towels and render them useless for windows.

Ammonia free window cleaners are the only kind that are safe to use on tinted windows. Sometimes they are available in aerosol cans, but can usually be found in a spray bottle.

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