Exterior Vinyl & Rubber Care

Exterior Vinyl and Rubber Care Basics

Sun, rain, snow, UV rays and other environmental elements can have a devastating effect on the exterior surfaces of your car. These may include rubber trim, plastic trim, weatherstripping, claddings, moldings, tires and trim.

Your exterior maintenance regimen should include washing, removing and protecting. Be sure to pay attention to all of the exterior surfaces every time you wash your car. Remove any old dressings from time to time, about every two months. This will help prevent discoloration. Preserve by applying a good protectant that will help prevent UV deterioration and fading. Some products even produce a matte finish when shiny isn't your cup of tea.

Look at Griot's Black Shine Trim Restorer or Meguiar's Ultimate Black For more durable protection, consider CarPro Dlux Plastic & Wheels coating.

If your plastic, rubber and vinyl is already faded, it may require restoration. Check out Solution Finish to get the black (or gray) areas looking like new for up to six months.

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