Gel Coat Polishes & Waxes

Gel Coat Polish or Gel Coat Wax - When and Why

Waxing your boat, RV, jet ski or other fiberglass gel coat toy is NOT the same as caring for your car. While the process is similar, the products necessary to restore the shine will be different. Gelcoat surfaces are porous, so they oxidize much faster.

The most important part of marine/RV care is protection. This will help prevent swirls marks and the need for aggressive rubbing compound for gelcoat restoration. A carnauba wax will offer some wax protection and make your boat shine for a short while, but a synthetic wax or sealant is more durable and will last longer.

For light oxidation, a cleaner wax with a foam pad is a great way to bring back the gloss in just one step. Of course, test a small area before making a complete trip around with your buffer or polisher. For the best results in the final step, use a formula designed for fiberglass. Our best suggestion is Meguiar's #63 Flagship Marine Wax.

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