Headlight Restoration Kits

Top Brand Headlight Restoration Kits

Car headlight restoration is a combination of cleaning, sanding, polishing and sealing the headlights to bring back clarity and visibility. Professional detailers often use several grits of sand papers, polishing compounds and sealants to accomplish a thorough and complete job. Sanding discs work well to remove the factory coating. These often require a polishing machine or a good deal of elbow grease to wet sand.

For DIYers, there are several headlight lens restoration systems readily available in auto parts stores. For headlights that are not too badly contaminated, a headlight lens restoration kit may be sufficient. Many include a clarifying compound and offer UV protection for the headlight lenses.

Once restored, headlights become part of the regular maintenance routine. They will need to be redone every six months to two years. In order to make it last longer, seal and protect the lens once it has been brought back to clear. Protectants and sealants that are included in headlight kits work especially well since they are designed to be used together.

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