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Wheel and Tire Cleaners - Best Brake Dust Remover?

You wouldn't wear a dirty pair of flip flops with a three-piece suit, would you? Wheels and tires are a fashion statement for your car, much like the right pair or shoes for the perfect ensemble. Brake pads release minuscule iron particles when grinding against the rotors, creating brake dust.

Some cars, most notably the German vehicles have brake systems that are notorious for emitting more contaminants. While it may look like just dirt and grime, brake dust can stain and etch the rims. Some products are specially formulated for chrome, aluminum or alloy wheels. If you're not sure, just use an environmentally friendly all purpose wheel cleaner that is safe for any type of wheel.

For powder coated wheels, use a pH neutral non-abrasive soap or gentle all purpose cleaner for an effective clean. Griot's Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash and Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax are two good pH balanced choices.

There is a wide range of wheel brushes designed to remove brake dust and road salt. Check out the EZ Detail Brush for the best quality Nylex bristle brush available.

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