Interior Cleaners & Degreasers

When to use interior cleaner or interior degreaser

Car interiors take more abuse than any other part of the car except maybe the wheels. There are endless products on the market designed for interior surfaces. A general purpose cleaner usually works great on door panels, steering wheels and floor mats. A specialty carpet and upholstery cleaner shouldn't be necessary unless you need a stain remover or leather and vinyl treatment.

For stubborn grease and oil, it sometimes works better to use a degreaser. Be sure that it is diluted so it won't be too strong. Even though interior degreaser cleaners work well, don't let the chemical get too far down into the seats. Over time, it can break down the foam.

Interior care is pretty easy using an interior detailing brushor a microfiber cloth. We recommend that you spray the product onto the applicator and then wipe. Try not to spray directly on the interior surface, especially leather. Water-based products are non-toxic and safe to use on most interior surfaces. They do not usually have UV protection and are not recommended as a glass cleaner or for the instrument panel.

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