Coating Surface Preparation

How to do ceramic coating surface prep

Applying ceramic coating offers semi permanent paint protection to the clear coat of a painted surface. It's more difficult to apply, but will last much longer than a wax or sealant. The coating that has been applied will only look as good as the paint correction and preparation that has been done in advance. Of course, the first step in coating prep is a thorough wash using a high quality car wash soap without wax.

Surface contamination including water spots and polish residue must be removed with a clay bar or other synthetic clay product. After claying, feel the car's paint with your hand in a plastic bag. When it feels smooth, use cleaning solution a with a clean, unused microfiber towel. Some people use isopropyl alcohol or wax and grease remover. We recommend products specifically designed for ceramic coatings. CarPro Eraser and P&S Paint Coating Surface Prep are our top picks.

Curing times and durability can vary, but ceramic coating will provide the highest level of car care protection.

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