Car Wash Soaps & Shampoos

Car Wash Soap, Car Wash Shampoo or Wash and Wax?

With so many car wash products on the market, it's hard to know the difference. Car wash soap and shampoo are just different names for the same thing. Good car care starts with washing your car with a high quality, pH balanced, concentrated formula. Do not use dish soap as it will strip away any car waxes, sealants, resins or polymers on the surface, along with the dirt and grime you are intending to remove.

Many people believe that wash and wax products replace the need to protect the car's paint with a wax. This is a myth. These types of wash products simply have more polymers, allowing the water to bead off or sheet off more easily, giving you more time to dry the car before the water spots do.

A word about foam guns. Any soap may be used in a foam cannon. While better for deep cleaning, repeatedly using a wash mitt can create wash scratches or swirl marks over time.

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