Tire Dressings

Tire Dressings for Super Shiny Long Lasting Tires!

A dilemma for professional detailers and car enthusiasts is how to achieve a great tire shine that will last longer than your next car wash and wax. High quality tire dressings can be pricey. Other challenges include sling and dressing products that attract dirt that sticks to the rubber tires.

There are several types of tire dressings including liquids, gels, trigger sprays and aerosol cans. Many people like to apply the liquids with a tire dressing applicator or brush. Gels provide the best black tire shine and durability but tend to be at the higher end of the price range. Sprays can be easier to use, but more difficult to avoid overspray on the car's tires and rims. Aerosols are usually the most water resistant.

Solvent based dressings have high gloss, dry quicker and last longer than water based. They are also usually more expensive and flammable, raising concerns about air quality and health hazards. For these reasons, the auto detailing and body shop industries have placed more emphasis on water based dressings. These sling less and are may also be used on the car interior when properly diluted.

In the end, the best tire dressing is the one that works best for you. We suggest that you try various brands and formulations and decide on your own favorite. Check out Meguiar's, Griot's Garage and Sonax for our top picks.

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