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How To Prevent Streaks on Car Windows

Window cleaning is a constant source of frustration for professional auto detailers and car care enthusiasts alike. Removing bug splats, bird droppings, water spots and other contaminants can seem like a never-ending job. Here are some highly recommended tips and techniques to help keep your car glass clean, clear and safe.

  1. Use a high quality auto glass cleaner. Do not use household window cleaners as these usually contain ammonia which is not safe for tinted windows. In addition, ammonia can create noxious fumes which are especially dangerous to inhale in enclosed spaces.
  2. Detail the car first. Save the windows for last to avoid re-contamination while washing. Be sure to roll down the windows a bit to get to the top edges.
  3.  Do not work in full sun and be sure the windows are dry. The sun will cause the glass surface cleaner to dry too quickly and leave residue behind. This is what causes streaking.
  4. Good quality glass microfiber towels are a must. Do not cross contaminate with towels that have been used with other cleaners or glass polishes. Wash these towels separately.
  5. It may be necessary to go over the windows more than once to remove the stubborn dirt and film. Don't be afraid to use multiple products to achieve invisible glass.
  6. Glass may be polished to remove water spots, scratches and other debris left behind by the windshield wipers. A good cleaner polish can restore clarity. Use only polishes formulated for glass or plastic to avoid creating a wavy surface.
  7. Glass and plastic sealants can work like wax, helping the water to bead and providing a layer of protection against future water spots. They can also increase visibility and the performance of the wipers.


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