Exterior Cleaners & Degreasers

Should I wash my car with degreaser?

Automotive exterior cleaners and car degreasers are great as oil eaters, but are often too aggressive for delicate paints. For painted surfaces, we recommend a car wash soap that will not remove car wax, with a microfiber wash mitt. Many come in concentrated formulas that will do a good cleaning job.

It's easy to focus on the car's appearance while allowing the engine to build up dirt and other contaminants. Cleaning your engine regularly will reveal leaks and help it run cooler and the hoses and parts last longer. For engines, wheel wells, tires or other areas with grease, oil stains, or petroleum solvents, degreasers and cleaners are the best way to go. Meguiar's Super Degreaser may be diluted in a spray bottle at varying strengths for optimal cleaning power. Malco Red Thunder is a non-toxic biodegradable formula VOC compliant, body shop safe and works great on aluminum.

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