Bug, Tar & Adhesive Removers

Bugs and Adhesives and Tar, Oh My!

Ever drive across the Mojave Desert in the spring? How does it feel when you arrive at your destination with your windshield, hood and grille covered in bug splatter, tar and tree sap? It's a sticky mess and car washing doesn't do much for it. It's important to get rid of these contaminants as quickly as possible because they will eventually etch and break down the painted surfaces.

Lucky for us, car care companies have created excellent products for dissolving bug guts, and for removing tree sap and road grime from exterior surfaces. Some of the best bug removers for cars double as tar remover and adhesive remover as well.

Sometimes, you don't really need a heavy duty chemical or a concentrated formula. If you catch it early enough, you may be able to spray and wipe using a quick detailer and a clean microfiber towel. For really nasty bug and tar removal, use a washing solution with a bug sponge. In some cases, a clay bar may also be effective.

Once you're rid of those disgusting bug splats, protect the vehicle with a quality wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating. This will help prevent future pests from bonding to the slippery surface.

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