Glass, Plastic, Interior & Wheel Coatings

Interior Coating? Coating for Glass? Coating for Plastic?

It seems like the auto detailing world has gone crazy for car coatings! It all started with ceramic coating systems designed to protect car paint. Now detailers are coating everything from windows to wheels to plastics to car interior surfaces. There is a wide range of super hydrophobic coatings available to professionals, car enthusiasts and DIYers.

Nano coated surfaces repel water and are easy to clean. This is true for glass surfaces, plastic materials and many types of wheels. The ultra thin coating makes the surface more abrasion resistant as well. It is important to clean glass, fabrics wheels and plastic parts before applying any type of coating, ensuring the bond between the surface and the coating remains intact over time.

Glass coating protects windows from reduced visibility and buildup of contamination. Wheels that have powder coating are already pretty durable, but adding a layer of nano protection will make them easier to keep clean.

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