Waterless Washing

Does Waterless Car Wash Scratch the Paint?

In this era of water scarcity, especially in San Diego, California, waterless detailing has become much more common. This type of car care is best suited for vehicles with light dirt buildup. High lubricity formulas safely remove and lift dirt, bird droppings and sometimes water spots. Eco friendly waterless car washing may be done properly without scratching your car's paint. Simply spray the waterless car wash product onto the surface and wipe in one direction with a clean microfiber towel. Do not use a circular motion. This can reintroduce the dirt particles to areas that have already been wiped, increasing the likelihood of scratching.

For heavy buildup of dirt, waterless wash is not an effective substitute for car wash and wax. In such cases, traditional bucket washing is a better alternative. In order to avoid scratching, pre-treat bug splats, overspray, brake dust and other contaminants with automotive clay and lubricant.

Waterless car wash sprays are great at removing light dirt, but they don't leave much gloss. Quick detailers, on the other hand will remove fingerprints and dust but don't have the same cleaning power. They're great for a showroom finish on cars without visible pollutants.

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