Detailing Water Tanks

Auto Detailing Water Tanks are available for online purchase with In-Store Pickup.

Please call 760-747-1065 or 858-722-1135 to order by phone.

Buying Tips for Auto Detailing Water Tanks

  • Size: The 60-gallon tank is ideal for detailers who want to install it in a truck bed with a tonneau cover. Due to it's low profile, however, it has a wider base dimension and may not fit well in some smaller vehicles. If you don't have a height limit, consider the 100 gallon model. It will fit perfectly in almost any pickup truck, minivan, trailer, transit van or SUV. This size should last you a whole day detailing.
  • Fittings: Our tanks come with two pre-drilled holes. One 3/4" outlet at the bottom and 1/2" inlet at top for water re-circulation.
  • Spot-Free Water: Professional detailers use either de-ionized or reverse osmosis water. This will save enormous amounts of time drying and removing water spots. Fill up with RO water at Detail Supply Plaza in Escondido24/7. Tokens may be purchased at the change machine anytime.
  • Securing the Tank: Some people use stainless steel straps to secure the tank to the floor. We recommend using ratchet tie-downs with heavy duty suspension anchor hooks like these:
  • Connect to Pressure Washer: As long as the outlet hole at the bottom of the tank is level with or lower than the pressure washer, the water will flow by gravity. No pump is needed. Use a 5' or shorter length of braided hose. Check out our hose connector kit with On/Off Ball Valve, hose clamps and fittings.
  • Maintenance: Flush out the tank periodically with a diluted mixture of bleach and water. This is especially important in the hot summer months. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the tank before adding more spot-free water.

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