Foam Buffing Pads

When Should I Use Foam Buffing Pads?

The type of automotive buffing pad to choose when buffing and polishing depends on the condition of the surface and the machine being used. For vehicles with oxidation or deep scratches, wool polishing pads on a rotary polisher will produce the fastest defect removal. In the hands of an inexperienced detailer, a rotary buffer can run the risk of paint burn and swirl marks. A dual action polisher may be a safer bet.

Cars with less contamination can usually be corrected with a DA polisher using foam cutting compounding polishing pads. Foam pads come in a variety of aggressiveness ranging from compounding pads to finishing pads. Cutting pads are usually thinner and denser. Finishing pads tend to be thicker and softer. An orbital polisher can provide good results.

Top automotive buffing pad brands include Meguiar's, 3M, Griot's Garage, Buff and Shine and Rupes. Check out the Meguiar's Foam Buffing Pads Kits that includes the backing plate! And don't miss the new 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Quick Connect Foam Finishing Pad.

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