Sealants & Maintenance

Ceramic Coating Maintenance and Sealants

Now that you have invested in applying a ceramic coating for that extra layer of protection for your car, you will want to keep the painted surface protected and scratch resistant. Once the curing process has ended and the coating has bonded to your vehicle's paint, regular and proper maintenance is essential.

There is a wide variety of auto ceamic coating sealant maintenance products available to extend the life of the paint coating. Here are some steps you can follow to prolong the paint protection:

  1. Wash weekly, if possible, with rinse-less or waterless wash or pH neutral car wash soap and a microfiber wash mitt. It is not recommended to drive through a tunnel car wash. Do not use dish soap or any soap with wax or sealant. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to prevent streaking or other water spots.
  2. Allow the car to air dry or use a clean, unused waffle-weave microfiber towel to dry the vehicle. The hydrophobic properties of the coating serve as a water repellent.
  3. Apply a touch-less nano sealant or top coat silica spray and wipe application.
  4. Should the vehicle become contaminated with tree sap, bird droppings or other pollutants between washes, simply spray and wipe with your auto ceramic coating sealant maintenance product. For ease of use and affordability, we recommend P&S Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant Spray and Nanoskin Ceramic Boost SiO2 Infused Quick Detailer Sealant Spray.

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