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Exterior Car Coating: What is ceramic?

Any material that meets a minimum standard of hardness and heat resistance may be called ceramic. This is why we have ceramic tiles for our floors and ceramic pots and pans for our kitchens. Exterior ceramic coatings for cars create a permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle's paint. Ceramic coating products provide an extra layer of protection for the car's paint and can last two years or longer. Carnauba wax or sealant, in comparison, will only last six to twelve weeks.

Exterior ceramic coating protects the painted surface from water spots, bird droppings and UV rays, making the surface water repellent. It may be advisable to hire a professional to correct the car's exterior and to apply the car paint coating. Ceramic coating kits range in price from $40 up to $300. Investing in protective car coatings can preserve the factory paint for several years.

Proper maintenance includes regularly washing the car and keeping re-applying a nano sealant at least every 90 days. Auto sealants are easy to apply and often come in a spray and wipe application. Top protective car coatings picks are P&S Double Black Bead Maker, CarPro Reload, Sonax Spray + Seal and Nanoskin Ceramic Boost.

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