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Wheel & Tire Detailing

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How to keep your tires and wheels clean and shiny

Dirty and dull wheels and tires are a car detailing don't. It's like wearing a baseball cap with a brand new suit. Clean, polished and dressed wheels and tires put the finishing touch on a nicely detailed vehicle.

Clean your wheels and tires one set at a time before you wash the rest of the car. This will prevent the dirt, grime and brake dust from splashing onto panels that have already been washed. Use a cleaning product designed for the type of wheels on your car. Rinsing will prevent the chemical from drying onto the surface. Coated wheels should be treated differently than uncoated aluminum or chrome. If you're not sure, use a product that will safely and effectively clean all types of wheels. Some products will clean the tires and the wheels at the same time.

Dry off using a microfiber or terry cloth towel. This will help avoid water spots and will insure that all the brake dust has been removed. Do not use these towels on any other part of the car.

Polish the wheels with products and accessories appropriate for the wheels' finish. Polishing can help restore luster into dull, lifeless wheels. Finish the wheels with a wax, sealant or wheel coating such as CarPro Dlux Plastic & Wheel Coating.

Finally, use a silicone or suspension tire dressing to make the tires look wet, shiny and new. If you prefer a less shiny look, simply add water to the dressing. This will reduce the longevity of the wet look, and you will need to dress the tires more often.


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